St. Aloysius College, Edathua, Alappuzha, Kerala, India

Rural English Literacy Programme (RELP)

It is the duty of any Higher Education Institution to reach out to its neighbouring communities to foster an egalitarian model of education and to provide an opportunity for them to be stakeholders in the process. Considering the ever-rising demand for proficiency in English language and communication skills, the Department of English had undertaken an outreach programme named “A Gateway to Better English” for the school students in and around Kuttanadu. The students of the department, after proper training, were directed to deliver classes on the basics of English language and communication. The programme received high praise from different quarters of the society.

The programme is organized under Rural English Literacy Programme (RELP) an initiative of the department of English. Apart from this, RELP has conducted workshops for English teachers of the Higher Secondary Schools in and around Kuttanadu.

RELP Coordinator: Dr. Gem Cherian, Department of English